SCHENK was founded in Switzerland in 1893.
The vision of Arnold Schenk, son of founder Charles Schenk, was to create a wine conglomerate of European dimensions. After more than a century, SCHENK has holdings in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Benelux and in the U.K.
This pan-European structure has been making SCHENK a unique body in terms of international wine production. The scope of SCHENK activities covers every aspect of the business, from vineyard management to direct sales. SCHENK has maintained its commitment to producing quality wine by investing consistently in sustainable vineyards and state of the art technology for winemaking, bottling and storing.

Chaussée de Tervuren 375 1410 Waterloo

Sylvie Lantain, 02/352.04.25


Schenk Benelux (Waterloo) was founded in 1978 and has become one of the largest wine importers and distributors for the Benelux countries. 

The Company supplies supermarkets as well as the wineshops and the wholesalers, each with specific assortments.
Among the core brands are Boccantino, Bacio della Luna, Castello di Querceto, Gergenti, J.C. Beauvoir, Château d’Aigueville, Henri de Villamont, Murviedro, Hispano+Suizas, Cave St-Pierre and GatoNegro.




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